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Blue tomyz( min order 7packs)

$40.00 $25.00
Blue tomyz is an awesome strain from the backpackboyz brand.backpackboyz are best know to bring good exotic and great strains

Cannaburst gummies

Buy Cannaburst Gummies 500mg THC What to know before you buy Cannaburst Gummies? This gummyis carefully dosed with cannabis to

Flavors packs

Bred by Archive Seed Bank, Flavour Pack is a cross between the notoriously tasty and powerful Hollywood Pure Kush (HPK)

Jungle boys(min order.7pcks)

$35.00 $30.00
Jungle boys is a sweet and intoxicating marijuana strain with a name that matches its uplifting effects and tasty flavor

krt yang pod [min order 10]

how to buy krt pod online/real krt pod online Description Buy KRT yang pod online. KRT pods is known to

Abbot Kinney OG (Min. Order: 1 Ounce)

Indica strain! Developed over three generations and years of stabilizing as well as developing the perfect nutritional guidelines for this particular strain, resulted in a phenomenal kush, said to be the absolute King of indica today.

Blue Dream (Min order: 1 Ounce)

Blue Dream genetics can be linked to Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, making it a sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This explains why patients experience a nice full-body high from the Blueberry (Indica), but also a powerful cerebral experience from its Haze (Sativa) genetic counterparts.

Bubba Kush (Min. Order: 1 Ounce)

At GDW we have always found Bubba Kush to be one of the most visually appealing strains out there. The amethyst-purple hues and heavily frosted nugs of Bubba Kush always take us aback.

buddahbear cartridge (1gram) (min order 10)

this product has a list of delicious flavorz: ;strawnana, mango tango, grape limeade, honolulu punch, watermelon candy, taste the rainbow, forbidden friut, pineapple express, mimosa, purple puch, sundae driver, clementine, ice cream cake etc. Drop a note after  check out on your selected flavor, thanks.

Chocolate Diesel (Min order: 1 Ounce)

Chocolate Diesel is a sativa cannabis strain that brings together genetics from the original Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai.

cookies cart-1gram(min order 10)


buy cookies cart online ,

buy cookies cart online ,Girl Scout Cookies is a powerful descendant of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It has a dominant Indica component but also a strong hit of Sativa genetics.  About 40 percent Sativa and 60 percent Indica. Cookies Carts for sale online, To add, Some varieties are also mix with Cherry Kush.  Two popular twists are a variety call Thin Mints, and the popular Platinum cookies.     cookies flavors london pound cake runts lemon pound cake lemon cello dolato biscotti billy kimber og gusher gelato 41 gelati. leave a note of your order containing the various flavors youll wanna order thank you.

elite extract-1gram(min order 10)

The Elite Extracts Vaping Cartridge is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in potency, purity, and flavour. Made from “the Clear”, and using PHO as the starting material, it is then extracted using fractional distillation methods to make it potent and effective in oral, trans-dermal, and smokeable applications. flavors watermelon mango grape strawberry blueberry